Wardrobe Assessment


A girl should be two things. Classy and fabulous.
                                                       Coco Chanel


While style consulting has much to do with the way you feel, wardrobe assessment is all about how you look. And if you don’t believe that clothes make the man, you have to agree that it surely describes someone in a certain way.

So here’s another secret from Nina Vidmar Image Consulting. You wear your clothes – your clothes is not wearing you. Therefore one outfit can look completely different on a different person - depending on the body shape but also on the way they are wearing that outfit. And blindly following fashion trends doesn’t mean someone has style. That’s why wardrobe assessment is so important: clothes should reflect the best version of you and you should know which features to show. And smart wardrobe organizing and evaluating teaches you how to have less clothes but significantly more outfits.


If you have never considered wardrobe assessment, we will now give you some common situations that you surely have experienced before. In this way you can see that wardrobe assessment services can especially bring you benefits if:

- you often feel that you have nothing to wear, 
- most of your clothes in your closet look outdated, doesn’t fit you or you don’t like them in general,
- you have the feeling that many of your clothes doesn’t go with anything, 
- it seems that your clothes doesn’t fit your lifestyle, 
- many of your items make you look bigger or older and you are not sure which type of clothes could make you look more attractive,
- you are not sure which items to shop and usually get something you don’t wear later, 
- you have bad shopping habits like impulse shopping or buying everything that is on sale, 
- you are not sure what clothes are best for your body shape and which trends to follow,
- you have certain (expensive) items and you don’t know what to wear them with,
- your closet is full of things that you just don’t wear, 
- your wardrobe is a mess and you cannot find anything in it, 
- you lost or gain a few pounds and didn’t have time to buy new outfits, 
- you need an advice on how to choose and coordinate clothing with accessories,
- you are wearing same clothes over and over again,
- you work in a serious company or run business but your outfits are not professional enough,  
- you want to know how to dress more elegant or more professional, 
- you need an image upgrade or you are trying to figure out your signature style,
- you don’t like to try out new things and feel ridiculous in new clothes,  
- you are just too busy to organize your wardrobe and keep delaying it,
- your clothes occupy too much space in your wardrobe (making you feel guilty or in a bad mood),
- you don’t like or don’t get new fashion trends, 
- or you may just want to change for the better.

Some statistics show that most of the time we wear only around 20 % of our entire wardrobe! Wouldn’t it be nice if it was the other way around? If you found yourself dealing with any of these issues above, wardrobe assessment is definitely for you. And Nina Vidmar Image Consulting can help you to make that change!

Nina Vidmar Image Consulting can show you how to express yourself as capable, confident and professional through your clothes. In this way, people around you will respond to your change and reflect on the skills you presented through your wardrobe. At the same time, if you run serious business and don’t know how to present that through your clothes, we will help you out. As we go through your closet together with you, this will allow a better overview of your clothing but also a better understanding of the lifestyle you want to present. We will help you determine your body shape and figure out foundation for your wardrobe so you can refresh it seasonally. We will also give you tips on your hairstyle and makeup that will best suit clothing you want to wear. Our main goal is to affect your personal change for the better and to help you appreciate yourself more or to present yourself as a true professional in what you do.

Wardrobe assessment can be quite a challenging task as you will see all the mistakes you’ve been making for some time. But you shouldn’t be scared, this is a fun experience and you will feel so much better after it! At the same time it will be very rewarding when you see your wardrobe organized and it will be simple to find what to wear and recognize what suits you best in the given moment.


We will make your wardrobe a tidy and uncluttered place where you will always have everything under control and easily find what you want to wear for every occasion.

In general, Nina Vidmar Image Consulting services consist from three parts: style consulting, wardrobe assessment and personal shopping. We strongly advise you to start your transformation with style consulting and get the best possible results for your long lasting change. However, you can easily decide which one of these three parts of image consulting is good for you and do them separately. Therefore we will now explain these three parts of style consulting that are equally important and include different segments.


First part (that is great for beginning) is Style consulting which includes:


- consulting about the style you have and the one you want to present, 
- specifying your body shape and ways it can be altered,
- creating new, individual and unique style or redefining your current style,
- suit guidance which will help you pick up style and clothes to wear that will naturally show who you are and what you do, 
- consulting on style, color, pattern and fabric choice, 
- consulting on outfit style depending on the work you are doing, 
- giving insights on new trends and introducing you to the world of styling, 
- help in building a particular desired profile or creating a personal brand and signature style,
- explaining you how to dress right even when we are not around, 
- explaining and understanding (first) impressions you can make according to specific desires and goals,
- creating outfits for different occasions (meetings, anniversaries, holidays),
- coaching and lecturing on individual and group basis, 
- giving instructions on how to build a certain (professional or business) look.


Second part is Wardrobe assessment that implies:


- looking at your current wardrobe and outfits and understanding you - your body shape, taste, choices and your current image and which adjustments can be made that you want others to see,
- advising you on closet (re)organization, 
- refreshing cluttered wardrobe, 
- seeing what you already own and what works and what doesn’t and why,
- creating new outfits from the clothes you already have,
- analyzing seasonal trends and colors,
- presenting you how to quickly run and organize your wardrobe when you have a busy schedule.

And final part is Personal shopping that includes:


- fun and relaxed shopping without any tension, 
- shopping with people who just don’t have time to shop, 
- selecting individual items for you and your body shape,
- advising while shopping and choosing outfits together,
- trying out new things and styles you never thought would or never considered wearing (and that suit you perfectly),
- getting ideas where and how to shop in a smart way,
- elegant dressing that will fit into your budget,
- demonstrating on the spot why some clothes will and others won’t look good on you,
- explaining you what to buy and how to choose even when we are not around,
- international shopping and special requests,
- getting better idea of what goes with what (saving you additional time, money and stress), 
- finding out new places where you can buy clothes,
- getting back home happy with brand new phenomenal clothes that look great on you.


Important tip: it is best to combine all three parts of image consulting services together as this is the way you will get the best results. Style consulting first gives us the understanding of what the clients wants and what are your needs; wardrobe assessment then let us get insights to your wardrobe and your style, and finally personal shopping will teach you how to choose clothes that will flatter your shape and reflect your best characteristics. All this will be done at your own time and convenience and with only goal to maximize your full potential.


Style consulting takes about 2 hours and you will receive a complete personalized feedback and notes of the overall counseling session, which can later be used as guidelines. Style consulting is great for people who have hectic schedules but also for people who need help in deciding which style they want to portray.

Wardrobe assessment and personal shopping are created to fit individual budget, needs and desires and they can also be done in a same day as style consulting or arranged separately. Reviewing and organizing your clothes takes place at your own convenience and takes about 2 to 4 hours (depending on the amount of clothes you have). For best results it’s best to have style consultation before wardrobe assessment as it will be more effective and give us the better idea on style you want to portray.

Personal shopping is the third part of image consulting that additionally saves money and time s it is crucial to learn how to choose and buy clothes smartly and make combinations that will be best for you.
The whole point of wardrobe analysis is to understand you even better so that we exactly know what type of clothes, colors and styles you need. In this way we would learn many things about you and see:

- what lifestyle do you have and what look do you want to achieve,
- what is your personal taste and what do you like and don’t like in dressing,
- what is your personality and your characteristics, 
- how do you want your personal wardrobe to look like in general (from clothes, shoes, accessories etc.).


After we dig into your wardrobe, we evaluate every single piece of clothing along with the shoes and accessories and we analyze to see if it matches style consulting. It is all in relation to your body type and choosing the right type of colors, patterns and prints especially for you. We then separate clothes in groups and clean up and organize your closet.

While we are doing all this, we also have fun creating new styles and fresh looks from clothes you already have (and take pictures so you don’t forget those looks). After we are done with organizing your closet, we make a shopping list of all the things missing in your wardrobe. At this time, it’s best to arrange personal shopping session with our team as this is the final step in image consulting that will additionally save you time and money. In this way, you will save even more money and get only the best clothes that will perfectly suit you and best of all, you will love all the clothes you bring from the store!


The important thing that you need to know is that we never change you into someone who you are not - we just want to make clothes speak about your personality in the best possible way or make you look more professional and save you time and money. The point here is to teach you how to build your wardrobe, what are the basics, how to make creative outfits and how to organize your closet and to make this fun experience that you will later enjoy.


Wardrobe assessment will allow you to:

- organize and select the best clothes that will match your lifestyle,
- save time dressing up, especially in the morning or when you are in a hurry,
- see and know all the clothes you have in your dressing room,
- make better choices and buy clothes in which you look great and enjoy wearing them,
- make yourself appear more professional and present your work with your clothes, 
- get rid of old clothes that are simply not suitable for you,
- take the maximum advantage of the clothes you already have, 
- learn how to quickly realize what you need to shop for next and what you miss in your wardrobe, 
- feel positive and inspiring every time you open your wardrobe, 
- always maintain clean and organized closet,
- learn secrets on how to properly take care of your clothes,
- create an individual and yet professional look,
- realize which fashion trends are always acceptable and which are not so safe, 
- stop you from making bad shopping mistakes and teach you to shop cleverly and within your budget,
- maximize the value of the clothes you already own,
- learn about your body shape and how to enhance your best features and hide the ones you don’t really like,
- what suits you best in terms of color, style, fabric and accessories, 
- look and feel better in your clothes,
- look at your closet as favorite part of your room.


In addition to wardrobe assessment, on our website you will find interesting Styling Ideas - guiding lights on what to wear and how as we regularly assemble outfits for your daily inspiration (work attire, casual outfits etc.). You will also find our amazing blog where we share secrets of the trade and you can see various styling advices and exciting shopping tips that will help you stay on the right track and take care of your look regularly. Of course, you are more than welcome to subscribe for free to our newsletter and we will inform you by email when our new exciting blog post is up. Also, Nina Vidmar Image Consulting provided phenomenal gift vouchers for all of your friends, relatives and colleagues who may need a new start or transformation! Gift vouchers are a way to share love and show love and the perfect way to definitely change somebody’s life for the better! As we said, image consulting is about appreciating yourself more, so this is an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, as a reward or saying thanks. If you are not sure what to get, there are different gift vouchers: style consulting, wardrobe assessment, personal shopping and consultancies for men, business wardrobe assessment, so you can choose what is best for a person that is dear to you.

In the end, the whole wardrobe assessment process will help you build solid grounds on having a sophisticated and professional wardrobe that is affordable and looks great on you. At the same time, if you have a serious business it will fit into your busy lifestyle and save you all the trouble of organizing and creating your outfits. It will refresh your tired wardrobe and create your unique look you’ve been wanting to have for years.

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