The dress must not hang on the body but follow its lines.
It must accompany its wearer and when a woman smiles the dress must smile with her.
                                                             Madeleine Vionnet



Wedding day, prom night, important business lunch, birthday party, anniversary celebration  


these are all special events in our lives that mark one distinctive period. And since this is memorable and once in a lifetime moment, you need to look your best and leave an impression. And being so important, it can easily happen that you are tense because you don’t know what to wear to a formal cocktail party or because you are godmother at your best friends wedding. Or even worse, you got an invitation for a special business dinner that requires a dress code and you don’t even know what this means.


People often find themselves in these situations and simply don’t know how to dress, behave and carry their own personal style. Then they begin to feel bad and even wonder should they go, because they don’t know how to dress and can also be afraid that someone will laugh at them and their look. But don’t panic, this doesn’t have to be you. Nina Vidmar Image Consulting is here for you and good planning is the key to success of any event. We are specialized in creating looks and outfits for special occasions and know exactly which type of clothes go great with your desired look. And our services will help you understand what suits you best in terms of makeup, hairstyles and clothing, so you will look perfect no matter how formal the situation is.

Styling for special occasions service is ideal for birthdays, business meetings, anniversaries and other important events. In fact, our service can bring benefits to anyone who:

- wants to look perfect in special occasion,
- needs distinctive look for various kinds of events such as: television appearances, business lunches, birthday celebrations, prom night etc.,
- always wear same suit or dress at the important event and don’t like to try out new things,   
- don’t know what to wear in which occasion, 
- doesn’t understand dress codes, 
- wants to be noticed by their impeccable style,
- has no idea where to buy clothes because they have a particular style of clothing,
- gets nervous when it comes to shopping or don’t like shopping at all,
- is just too busy to go shopping,
- needs someone who will choose all the best clothes for them without the unnecessary stress,


Our style in special occasions is the way we present ourselves through our look. Also, it is the direct interaction with your work and business, as in business world, good style is the most powerful weapon you can have in communication. Main codex in business world depend on the company you work for and business partners and clients you work with. That’s why it is very important to find the perfect look for your special event. And Nina Vidmar Image Consulting state that you shouldn’t be afraid to present yourself as a leader and look your best. There is no need to feel bad if you look more elegant than everybody else and this can only improve your business and put you in the lead.


Advantages of a Profesional Stylist


On the other hand, if you are getting ready for your prom night and think months in advance about what to wear, you will save more money with a help of a professional who will choose something appropriate for you and your age. Nina Vidmar Image Consulting will find exactly what you want within your budget, because exclusive and quality clothes are not just branded clothes. The important thing that you need to know is that we never push you into buying or dress you into someone you are not - we just want to make clothes speak about someone’s personality in the best possible way and make you look more beautiful. In this way, the only thing that you will have to worry about is how to have the best time of your life at this special night.


Styling for special situations service will teach you how and what to wear to specific event, what impression should you leave and together we will build a concept that you want to imply. In this way you will lose any doubt about your look and learn how to deal with these situation in the future because you will learn what to choose and wear. Besides this, you will be more self-confident and your sense of style will be noticed. In addition to all this, you will receive information and advice on exactly where to get dresses, suits, shoes and other accessories appropriate for your special event. Our service will save you hours of walking and searching just for shoes or a bag that go with your dress or suit, because we know exactly where to find them and have special discounts that you wouldn’t normally get.

Nina Vidmar Image Consulting will make sure to get you the perfect dress or suit for you and choose all related and necessary additions, along with the right choice of jewelry and footwear. Even when your special event is over, our service includes consultation about special occasions so you will have information where to get the desired look and how to implement things you’ve learned.

We will also advise you about your hairstyle and create a perfect makeup to complete your look. This means founding suitable clothes for any occasion and styling in general where no detail will be missed. We will consider your body shape, preferences and personal style along with the color, textures and materials that you prefer. Of course, you will be able to try out all combinations that we suggest and decide what you like. When you finally arrive at your special event, you can be sure that your appearance will impress all people around you. And then it’s up to you to shine in all your beauty and enjoy the moment!

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