Fashion Fades - Style is Eternal
                            Coco Chanel


What do you see when you look in a mirror? Are you quite happy and feel good in your own skin? And are you really satisfied with how you look every single day?


Whatever your answer is, we’re going to tell you a secret. Feeling good in your skin has nothing to do with luck. This is a matter of choice. And you can choose to look good and to feel good. Moreover, you can choose to look the best you possibly can and feel the best you can.

How does this have anything to do with style you may ask? Well, your clothes should reflect how you feel. Your beautiful nature. All your great characteristics. The best version of you. And stylish sophistication means that you know exactly what looks good on you.

This is what style consulting is all about. It implies consulting about you –your personality, your charisma and your values. It’s like going to a clothes therapist that will give you a great piece of advice about you and the way you dress. Style consulting understands you and doesn’t doubt your taste, but wants to show you what type of outfit can give you more confidence, make you feel great and let the world around you know who you really are.


When STYLE CONSULTING is the right choice for you?


If you have never considered style consulting, we will now give you some common situations that you surely have experienced before. In this way you can see that style consulting services can especially bring you benefits if:


- you feel that you have nothing to wear,
- you frequently wear something you don’t feel good in,
- you feel that your clothes are out of trend and outdated (or worse, wrong size), 
- you often need a style advice on what to wear,
- you are not sure what is your body shape and which fashion style suits you,
- you have great items but just don’t know what to wear them with,
- you want to look slimmer, younger and more attractive,
- you are having difficulties to find clothes that fit your form, shape and height, 
- you have a lot of clothes that you will wear some of these days (but never do),
- your wardrobe is a mess and needs a change in general,
- you need a more professional appearance at work,
- you lost or gain a few pounds in the last year or so,
- you need an advice on how to choose and coordinate clothing with accessories,
- you’re putting on great clothes but you’re not wearing them well,
- you’ve been through a tough divorce or a break up and you want to be back in the game,
- you are wearing same clothes over and over again,
- you need to make a great first impression at the interview or important meeting,  
- you want to dress more elegant,
- you have bad shopping habits,
- you’ve been on maternity leave or need an image upgrade,
- you always play it safe with your clothes and hardly ever experiment (and do not like to try out new things),   
- you are just too busy and the last thing you want to do is to spend your weekends looking for a shirt in some - overcrowded mall,  
- you don’t like shopping and never have been interested in shopping (nor fashion trends)
- you just don’t get fashion trends,
- or you may just want to change for the better.


Do any of these things sound familiar? If so, you should know that style consulting deal with every single one of these issues you may have. And having a sense of style is important because this is how other people see you and think of you. Knowing your body shape is equally important and it can help you chose the most fitting clothing so you can accentuate your finest attributes. Therefore Nina Vidmar Image Consulting can help you change the image you have on yourself, as your style is your personal expression. And we want to help you express yourself in the best possible way!


Style consulting helps you find the perfect style 


Nina Vidmar Image Consulting can show you how to select the right style for you that will emphasize your most advantageous features and conceal ones you’re not really proud of, increasing your self-confidence and saving you time (and money) to go from one store to another. We will do total body and face analysis, determine your face and body shape and give you not just style consulting about your clothes, but also tips on your hairstyle and makeup. And our main goal is for you to feel fantastic in your wardrobe and in your own skin and to be happy with what you see in the mirror.


Nina Vidmar Image Consulting services consist from three parts: style consulting, wardrobe assessment and personal shopping. These three parts are equally important and include different segments that we will now explain.


Style consulting includes:


- consulting about the style you have and the one you want to present, 
- specifying your body shape and ways it can be altered,
- creating new, individual and unique style or redefining your current style,
- suit guidance which will help you pick up style and clothes to wear that will naturally show who you are and what you do,
- consulting on style, color, pattern and fabric choice, 
- giving insights on new trends and introducing you to the world of styling, 
- help in building a particular desired profile or creating a personal brand and signature style,
- explaining you how to dress right even when we are not around, 
- explaining and understanding (first) impressions you can make according to specific desires and goals,
- creating outfits for different occasions (meetings, anniversaries, holidays),
- coaching and lecturing on individual and group basis.


Wardrobe assessment implies:


- looking at your current wardrobe and outfits and understanding you - your body shape, taste, choices and your current image and which adjustments can be made that you want others to see,
- advising you on closet (re)organization, 
- refreshing cluttered wardrobe,
- seeing what you already own and what works and what doesn’t and why,
- creating new outfits from the clothes you already have,
- analyzing seasonal trends and colors.

Personal shopping includes:


- fun and relaxed shopping without any tension, 
- selecting individual items for you and your body shape,
- advising while shopping and choosing outfits together,
- trying out new things and styles you never thought would or never considered wearing (and that suit you perfectly),
- getting ideas where and how to shop in a smart way,
- elegant dressing that will fit into your budget,
- demonstrating on the spot why some clothes will and others won’t look good on you,
- explaining you what to buy and how to choose even when we are not around, 
- international shopping and special requests,
- getting better idea of what goes with what (saving you additional time, money and stress),
- getting back home happy with brand new phenomenal clothes that look great on you,


Important tip


It is best to combine all three parts of image consulting services together as this is the way you will get the best results. Style consulting first gives us the understanding of what the clients wants and what are your needs; wardrobe assessment then let us get insights to your wardrobe and your style, and finally personal shopping will teach you how to choose clothes that will flatter your shape and reflect your best characteristics. All this will be done at your own time and convenience and with only goal to maximize your full potential.




In addition to our styling guides, on our website you will find interesting Styling Ideas - guiding lights on what to wear and how as we regularly assemble outfits for your daily inspiration. You will also find our amazing blog where we share secrets of the trade and you can see various styling advices and exciting shopping tips that will help you stay on the right track and take care of your look regularly. Of course, you are more than welcome to subscribe for free to our newsletter and we will inform you by email when our new exciting blog post is up.


Gift vouchers


Also, Nina Vidmar Image Consulting provided phenomenal gift vouchers for all of your friends, relatives and colleagues who may need a new start! Gift vouchers are a way to share love and show love and the perfect way to definitely change somebody’s life for the better! As we said, style consulting is about appreciating yourself more, so this is an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, as a reward or saying thanks. If you are not sure what to get, there are 4 different gift vouchers: style consulting, wardrobe assessment, personal shopping and styling, so you can choose what is best for a person that is dear to you.


Nina Vidmar Image Consulting is here to teach you there are lots of way to dress and knowing how is the way to success. And for you to get better understanding on who we are, we listed some of the our main things Nina Vidmar Image Consulting do:


- conducting daily style consultancies, personal shopping and wardrobe assessments with numerous satisfied clients,
- doing complete styling for business people and putting together outfits for businessmen who have hectic schedules and no time to go shopping, 
- organizing monthly Quick Style Fix Guide in Ljubljana - group seminars for Style & Makeup (for 3-10 people) that take around 4 hours (more details here),
- regularly selecting wardrobe and clothing for advertising campaigns, performances, videos and public appearances,
- organizing seminars and style consulting for companies about appearance of their employees, 
- organizing seminars and giving style lectures for company’s employees, 
- designing and styling company uniforms, 
- contributing to high class events and red carpet appearances - styling and improving brand awareness,   
- style consulting at photo sessions and modeling shootings, 
- presenting style consulting at all forms of media through interviews and articles – fashion magazines, radio shows, television programs, social media etc.,
- collaboration with numerous label designers for clients (customized styling and individual shopping),
- giving public speeches at numerous events (on topics such as style, fashion, building self-image etc.),
- international shopping tours across Italy, Austria, Croatia etc.,
- writing blog posts and interesting web site content,
- and of course, helping people look their absolute best!


We would also like to mention that Nina Vidmar Image Consulting talk daily to designers, tailors, hairstylists and got all the education there is for styling consulting – Nina Vidmar did fashion design and have UK Image Consulting Diploma. Also, Neza Perger and Nina Vidmar wrote an incredible helpful e-book about first impression called What does your first impression say about you (Slovenian language)


In conclusion, Nina Vidmar Image Consulting wants you to feel confident, successful and find the perfect clothes that will show who you are at any stage of your life. And style consulting will definitely have following results on your personality:

- people will get to remember you by all the good reasons,  
- you will learn how to invest wisely in all the right pieces of clothing,
- you will get compliments from friends, coworkers and even strangers, 
- you will look younger and more stylish, 
- you will feel proud of yourself and the way you look (and more importantly - you will feel good in your clothes),
- you will save money when buying clothes, by getting functional wardrobe and clothes that flatter your figure,
- your outfit will clearly portray your lifestyle,
- your style will ensure positive and long-lasting impressions,
- your corporate branding values will rise by changing personal branding and appearance of your employees.


You will experience all these benefits in a very short period of time as we can proudly say that we are style experts that built our name on 3 P’s: practice, patience and most importantly passion! Our job is more than just knowing about fashion and trends, it’s about good communication and making our clients feel relaxed and great on the outside and inside by focusing on their true beauty. That’s why the most rewarding thing is our work is seeing your face in you mirror once we are done with your transformation – we love to see your confidence and watch you feel great about yourself!

Therefore if you like the idea of style consulting and would like to know more about Nina Vidmar Image Consulting services, you are more than welcome to contact us with any questions you may have.

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