It's not money that makes you well-dressed, it's understanding.
                                                                             Christian Dior


Can you imagine that every single item of your clothes is perfect, suits you incredibly and you are happy with your entire wardrobe? Your dresses or your suits are impeccable. Your coats and hats are flawless. Every piece of jewelry is just right for you. You love all of your shoes. And believe it or not - this could be your reality!

Nina Vidmar Image Consulting knows that buying clothes is often just unnecessary stress especially if you do not know what suits you and where to find the right clothes. And if you feel that image consulting and personal shopping is for someone who want to renovate their entire wardrobe, there is something we have to let you know - we are more than happy to help you choose even just one item for your special occasion! This is because we are not pushing products - we are here to choose clothes that you will love together with you. Yes, it’s all about you and what you like; we are simply honest guides that will help you create your desired look. Besides this, we specialize in doing business outfits and dress codes for companies. We just love taking care of business people and make sure that they and their employees look professional and reliable in every occasion.


If you have never considered personal shopping service, we will now give you some common situations that you surely have experienced before. In this way you can see that personal shopping can especially bring you benefits if:

- you (feel that you) have nothing to wear, 
- you are wearing something you don’t really like,
- you often buy clothes in spur of the moment
- you wear same colors repeatedly (this is often the case with men who tend to wear just black, navy or gray), 
- you feel that your clothes are outdated, 
- you come home confused and disappointed because you’ve purchased products you don’t like at all,
- you need an advice on what to wear,
- you have troubles with styling clothes and accessories,
- you are unsure about your body shape and which style suits you,
- you have no idea where to buy clothes you would like to wear,
- all shops look the same to you with all the same outfits,
- you want to look slimmer, younger and more attractive in your clothes, 
- you get nervous when it comes to shopping,
- you have difficulties finding clothes that fit your form, shape and age,
- you don’t like shopping at all and feel guilty about it,
- you have a lot of clothes that you will wear some of these days (but never do),
- you buy things because you like them and not because you need them,
- you need a more professional look,
- you buy the same style of clothing over and over again,
- you lost or gain a few pounds,
- you’re buying great clothes but you don’t know how to create an outfit that looks great, 
- you trust the opinion of salespeople who just try to sell you clothes and items,
- you (have the feeling that you) are wearing same items of clothes all the time,
- you are not able to see what suits you, 
- you have bad shopping habits,
- you are confused by fashion and trends, 
- you’ve been on maternity leave or need an image upgrade, 
- you don’t like to try out new things and styles,    
- you buy clothes that are not compatible with the clothes you already own, 
- you are just too busy and the last thing you want to do is to spend your weekends looking for a shirt in some -overcrowded mall,  
- you need someone who will choose all the best clothes for you without the unnecessary stress of shopping,
- you need to create or improve a dress code in your company, 
- you need help to put together professional outfit,
- you just don’t get fashion trends, 
- you always spend much more money than you initially planned,
- you haven’t been shopping for a while,
- you are not organized when you go shopping,
- or you may just want to change for the better.

Shopping without thinking, shopping on sale (just because item is on sale) and impulse shopping are just some of the things that lead to buying clothes that you don’t really need and that end up in the back of your closet. And when you think how much money has been lost with such misguided purchases, you may want to hire a professional. And Nina Vidmar Image Consulting is a team of experts that will show you what you miss in your wardrobe and how to get all the best deals and styles for you.

One thing you need to know - we love helping women as much as we love helping men. And our main goal is to make people feel good about themselves. Personal shopping service is perhaps simple as you think it is – it’s shopping for another person, but it’s also something you didn’t know - it’s shopping that saves you time and money! You have to remember that we are not here to sell you clothes, convince you into buying, or to flatter you, we are here to give advice what is best for your body shape, lifestyle and overall impression you want to make.

We start of with initial style consultation and we analyze your aesthetics. This can be a full style consulting service or just an overall conversation about what you want. Before we go shopping we always talk about:

- which pieces of clothing would you like to get,
- how much money would you like to spend,
- what clothes are you missing from your wardrobe, 
- how to incorporate what you have at home with what are you going to get,
- which event are you buying clothes for.


After that, again optionally, with wardrobe assessment service we look through your clothes and understand what you miss and what style would you like to present. Then we proceed to personal shopping service and show you the best fits for you along with hottest trends and collections (no matter if you are shopping the entire new wardrobe or just need some new clothes for a special occasion).

Therefore Nina Vidmar Image Consulting services consist from three parts: style consulting, wardrobe assessment and personal shopping.

Style consulting service takes about 2 hours and you will receive a complete personalized feedback and notes of the overall counseling session, which can later be used as guidelines. Style consulting is great for business people who have hectic schedules but also for people who need help in deciding which style they want to portray.

Wardrobe assessment and personal shopping are created to fit individual budget, needs and desires and they are arranged separately. Reviewing and organizing your clothes takes place at your own convenience and takes about 2 to 4 hours (depending on the amount of clothes you have). It is best to combine all three parts of image consulting services together as this is the way you will get the best results. Style consulting first gives us the understanding of what the clients wants and what are your needs; wardrobe assessment then let us get insights to your wardrobe and your style, and finally personal shopping will teach you how to choose clothes that will flatter your shape and reflect your best characteristics. All this will be done at your own time and convenience and with only goal to maximize your full potential. However, you can easily decide which one of these three parts of image consulting is the best for your needs and do them separately.

Personal shopping is crucial as the third part of image consulting, as it will teach you how to choose and buy clothes smartly and make combinations that will be best for you. You will also learn that you don’t actually need a lot of clothes, only the basic pieces that you will learn to combine in the best possible way. The important thing that you need to know is that we will just guide you and explain why something is great for you and something isn’t right on the spot (we never make you buy something). All personal shopping usually takes place in Ljubljana, but can be done abroad for special requests.


Personal shopping will allow you to:

- visit stores you haven’t considered before, 
- buy within your desired budget,
- discover styles you never even thought of, 
- get an honest opinion about your looks, 
- enjoy the company and support while shopping,
- get helpful tips that will teach you how to shop in the right way,
- learn how to stop with wrong shopping habits that only cost you money,
- realize how to plan your wardrobe and outfits,
- know when is the right time to buy seasonal clothes,
- recognize how to buy basic pieces,
- perfectly combine clothes with accessories,
- know where exactly to buy clothes that flatter you,
- save money and time (without the stress),
- buy quality clothes that will last,
- see what are clothes that are worth spending on,
- learn how to combine prints, textures and styles,
- get discounts in stores in which you as an individual wouldn’t get a discount,
- come home happy with all your great new clothes as we don’t make wrong buys.



Here is the right time to mention that you can also opt for a complete personal shopping service. This means that if you don’t want to waste your time shopping and finding nice clothes, but you need to look perfect all the time, we will take care of everything! We will pick out styles, prints, textures, colors and everything else, just for you! All you have to do is to try out clothes that we choose. This means that you don’t have to be bothered with stores and malls at all – you only come for the fitting. In this way, you don’t waste time trying to find clothes and walking from one shop to another – we bring the clothes to you (and it’s even possible do review these outfits at your home). Complete personal shopping is ideal for business people who want to be perfectly dressed and for anybody who wants to have time for things that are more important.

We have to point out that complete personal shopping service is only available after style consulting and detailed wardrobe assessment services, as we have to know you in detail so we can find and assemble the perfect wardrobe for you. You can also select the budget you have on yearly basis and how often do you want to get new clothes. Nina Vidmar Image Consulting will take care of your entire wardrobe and we also specialize in creating business outfits and dress codes, so this can be a great opportunity to design look for your company too.

Nina Vidmar Image Consulting will identify your style preferences and select items that are tailored to your taste. We will also suggest the most appropriate clothes for any occasion and work according to your schedule and budget.

In general, Nina Vidmar Image Consulting is your fresh pair of eyes that will style you in your own style (not ours). From timeless classics to brand new burning trends, we will choose everything from shoes to jewelry and accessories – personal shopping service is all customized to you and your needs. Nina Vidmar Image Consulting just wants to show you the creative way of shopping, a fun experience that will reveal you new perspectives of shopping. And personal shopping with us is a fun journey and an overall transformation that will teach you how to use all your assets in the best possible way!

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