Be your own kind of beautiful!

Have you ever seen a person that walked into a room and just shined the whole space so everyone wanted to know who this is? And what if – this person could be you?


Full image makeover starts of with someone who feels a little bit overwhelmed, frustrated or bored with their look. The whole process is about changing habits and together we make a change so huge that will affect all aspect of your life for the better. This service will help you understand what suits you best in terms of makeup, hairstyles and clothing, and you will look perfect no matter how casual or how formal situation is. Please note that these consultations are both for men and women and we are more than happy to help anyone who want to have total image makeover.


Nina Vidmar Image Consulting is team of experts who have proven experience and numerous of reputable clients. We are specialized in business appearance as the most of our clients are business people so we put an extra effort into creating polished business presence and help business owners establish an image they want to portray. And that is what total Image Consulting is all about in the first place – changing the look and impressions to a higher level.


How do we do your TOTAL IMAGE MAKEOVER 


Total Image Makeover however, is not done in just one day. If you have been unsatisfied with your look for some time, it will take time to change your habits and create an overall transformation. And this is not the alternation that will change just how you look – image makeover will change your life!

That is why we take full Image Makeover as a serious project that should be done in the right way and that will change your appearance and your understanding of your style forever. Our goal is to show you how to look better and dress in a way that will flatter you the most. We are not here to make you wear clothes that we like, it’s about creating your unique style in which you will enjoy and feel perfect. And the whole point is that you understand this process so when we are not there, you can form your style on your own - you have to understand what we do and learn the whole way.

Image Consulting is about showing and teaching people to realize the change we made and how to maintain this new look. And if you have ever considered image makeover, we will now explain you in detail that our services can especially bring you benefits if:

- you need (an overall) change in your appearance,
- you would like to look and feel great every day,
- you need to present image of credibility and respect,
- you want to advance in a professional way,
- you don’t feel good in your clothes,
- you want to look more attractive or more elegant,
- you need to make a great first impression,
- you need an image upgrade,
- you would like to determine your signature style,
- it seems that your clothes don’t fit your lifestyle,
- you work in a serious company or run business but your outfits are not professional enough,
- you need an advice on what to wear and how to look better,
- you are not able to see what suits you,
- you want to be happy when you look in the mirror,
- you woke up one day and just needed a change,
- or you may just want to change for the better.


What all includes an IMAGE MAKEOVER 

Whatever your reason is, you need to know that full Image makeover combines all three steps of image consulting services: style consulting, wardrobe assessment and personal shopping. These steps are all necessary in total makeover so you will get absolutely the best results.

Style consulting first gives us the understanding of what the clients wants and what are your needs. It’s a consulting about the style you have and the one you want to present that will give you insights on new trends and introduce you to the world of styling.

Wardrobe assessment then let us get insights to your wardrobe and your present style. It implies looking at your current wardrobe and outfits and understanding your body shape, taste, choices and your current image and which adjustments can be made that you want others to see.

Finally, personal shopping will teach you how to choose clothes that will flatter your shape and reflect your best characteristics. It includes fun and relaxed shopping and selecting individual items for you and your desired look. All these steps will be done at your own time and convenience and with only goal to maximize your full potential. If, however, you realized that you want to have only one specific image consulting service and not all, you can learn more about each one of them in their own separate sections.


Yout TOTAL IMAGE MAKEOVER is not a TV show


You have to understand that image makeover is not a television show where everything is done in less than an hour. In reality, if you want to create long lasting changes and impressions, it takes time. Why? Because this is a project and every big thing takes time. And because we have to reset you, to teach you how to do the right moves in every single step. And all of them are equally important and not one can be excluded. It is simply not enough just to transform your image if you don’t learn anything – if you want lasting effects, it has no meaning to change your look in one day. We want to show you how to achieve the same results as we have given you, and to learn as much as you possibly can from this experience. That is why we start at the beginning and step by step proceed to the complete image transformation.




In addition to these three services (style consulting, wardrobe assessment and personal shopping) Nina Vidmar Image Consulting can also teach you everything there is about makeup. We are proud to say that Neža Perger is a part of Nina Vidmar Image Consulting team – Neža Perger is an established makeup artist with tons of experience from abroad. Neža believes that every woman can be a goddess, if she nourishes herself in a positive energy and is aware of the beauty that she has been given. And besides being high-class makeup artist for special occasions and formal events, Neža is constantly present in the world of fashion at home and abroad. Her works include makeup for fashion shows, advertising videos, photo-shoots for fashion catalogs and she has operated within the framework of the most recognized brands such as YSL, Lancome and Giorgio Armani.


Of course, if you don’t wear any makeup or don’t need these lessons you can skip this step of the process. Makeup lessons is just an optional final step of image makeover if you want to learn more about:


- proper care for your type of skin,
- which products should you use,
- how to apply everyday makeup,
- what is appropriate business makeup,
- how to do makeup for formal events,
- makeup tricks that will help you look younger and more attractive.




Total image makeover also addresses your hairstyle and hair color. We will find hairstyles that you will love and that will flatter your face shape the most. We can advise you which hairdresser to see and which hair color would look good on you. Also, if you wear glasses, we will make sure to find frames that are right for you and your profession, as glasses can make you look more appealing and attractive.




The important thing to mention here is that we will document the whole process on the way and you will get all the documents that can serve you later so you can go trough this and refresh your memory anytime. And that’s not all. After your image makeover is finalized, you can call us or write to us anytime if you need any kind of additional advice.




Total Image makeover is usually done in two days so you’ll have time to adjust and process all you learn. We start of with style consulting and wardrobe assessment that takes place in your home and. Next day we usually go personal shopping together. This time frame however is not strict - it can take more time or it can take less. It all depends on how much clothes you have (and would like to get) and what is your budget. Time and your wishes can be set up to meet your expectations. It is only important that total Image Makeover cannot be done in one day, as we want to do it the right way or no way at all.


Nina Vidmar Image Consulting doesn’t change your personality and make you into something you are not - all we do with total image makeover is create an impression. The impression that others can see and feel and that’s why this impression has to be perfect. And it’s really simple - if you look great, you will feel great. You know that people often judge book by its cover (and people by their looks) and there are just situations in life where you have to look your best. Therefore when we create overall better image of you this will enhance positive effect you leave on people. And we are specialized in creating business outfits and know exactly which type of clothes goes best with your role in terms of authority and approachability. We can help you look your very best in different situations – during the day, at dinners, meetings, celebrations etc. And secret of our success lies in ability to find flattering clothes that will fit your body in any situation.


And not only that Nina Vidmar Image Consulting will completely change your appearance - we will also teach you along the way. And we never change you into person you are not. That is why we need time to realize who you are so we can determine the right new looks especially for you. The new look have to project the person you are, the lifestyle you have, your profession, your skills and responsibilities so you can get the respect you deserve.


However, the most important thing Nina Vidmar Image Consulting will do is to create your recognizable look without jeopardizing your personality. Everybody have their own style, and a good image consultant listens to you, but not just that. They hear you and respond to your needs as they define your style and determine what suits you best. Therefore the very mastery of image consultant is to bring your characteristics to the front while making them unique and sophisticated.
Yes, image consulting is an investment, but that’s the investment in you and your appearance and like it or not, you often get the etiquette based on how you dress…


And Nina Vidmar Image Consulting wants you to look extraordinary instead of ordinary. We want you not to miss those big career opportunities and sabotage your life with your looks. We want to show you that you can live the life of your dreams and achieve all the business success you want. And we know how to make you look refined and sophisticated. In the end of your transformation, you will wear your brand new clothes and feel fabulous – you will get tools that you can take into the world and create a look that you will absolutely adore.

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