You never get a second chance to make a first impression

-- Will Rogers --




Image Consultant & Stylist

"You never get a second chance to
make a first impression"
               Will Rogers


Nina Vidmar - Image Consulting

If you have style, you are also considered to have confidence, sophistication and inner peace. Style depicts your character and defines harmony between who you are and how you look. So unique style is based on individuality, originality and unusual approach. People who have style don’t follow any role models, because their look is recognizable and it is the expression of the spirit and not representation of trendy and expensive clothes.


Our Philosophy


Still, style is not stagnant as it evolves with the growth of your personality and implies the capability to choose the right item in the overcrowded world. Essence of fashion is change, but style doesn’t follow trends – it builds fashion. What we choose to wear in the given situation is the part of the body signs that eases communication with other people. And Nina Vidmar Image Consulting services help you create your own image and build style through materials, textures and colors. We create strong, optimistic personal look for you and give you skills to dress with style that suits your personality, body shape and lifestyle. And secret of our success lies in fact that you will feel comfortable and happy with yourself not just on the outside but on the inside too.

Our Image Consulting Working Fields


Nina Vidmar is a fashion designer and stylist by training, that later upgraded her skills at The Blackford Center in London and became an image consultant and that help men, women, businesses and organizations in all areas of general appearance, fashion and styling.


Through personal style consultings, wardrobe organizations, personal shoppings, stylings for special occasions, consulting for companies, Nina Vidmar is working with people in the field of designing and improving their business and personal image. By skillfully combining her knowledge and experience, she helps people achieve their goals, because being a consultant and personal stylist gave her all the necessary knowledge and great tips that can make anyone look fantastic and confident every day.


In addition to personal style consultations and personal shopping, Nina Vidmar takes regular care of the appearance and the entire wardrobe of many business companies. She works with a range of brands in various projects: styling for television advertisements, contributing to newspapers articles and talk shows, guests at various events as a stylist and fashion consultant, advising companies on personal identity of employees etc.


Many people look at business wardrobe as dull suits without any originality


However, it is completely unnecessary to look plain in your business outfit, because you can play with styles, colors, textures, prints and clothing lines. Of course we cannot forget the power of accessories, which play a crucial role in every appearance. Even if you have strict dress code in the workplace, there is a lot of room for creativity and original look that highlight your personality. Nina Vidmar will help you create a complete business wardrobe that will reflect your mood and what kind of person you are in the best possible way!


Nina Vidmar Image Consulting is Here to Teach You There Are Lots of Way to Dress


And for you to get better understanding on who we are, we listed some of the our main things Nina Vidmar Image Consulting do:

- conducting daily style consultancies, personal shopping and wardrobe assessments with numerous of satisfied clients,
- doing complete styling for business people and putting together outfits for businessmen who have hectic schedules and no time to go shopping,
- writing and publishing articles on the our own trendy and fashion blog www.ninavidmarblog.com,
- organizing monthly Quick Style Fix Guide in Ljubljana - group seminars for Style & Makeup,
- styling for special occasions such as prom nights, wedding days, birthday parties, business dinners, anniversary celebrations etc.,
- regularly selecting wardrobe and clothing for advertising campaigns, performances, videos and public appearances,
- organizing seminars and style consulting for companies about appearance of their employees,
- organizing seminars and giving style lectures for company’s employees,
- designing and styling company uniforms,
- contributing to high class events and red carpet appearances - styling and improving brand awareness,
- cooperation with top Slovenian designers that design unique clothes for our customers,
- style consulting at photo sessions and modeling shootings,
- writing articles for various websites and media companies,
- presenting style consulting at all forms of media through interviews and articles – fashion magazines, radio, shows, television programs, social media etc.,
- collaboration with numerous label designers for clients (customized styling and individual shopping),
- international shopping tours across Italy, Austria, Croatia etc.,
- designing our own line of jewelry Nina Vidmar Jewelry that is present at home and at foreign markets.



Nina Vidmar also talk daily to designers, tailors, hairstylists and all with one goal – to help people look their absolute best! Also, Neza Perger and Nina Vidmar wrote an incredible helpful e-book about first impression called: What does your first impression say about you? Which is completely free to download at the end of this page.


Nina Vidmar always starts by looking at your body figure and figuring how to enhance your best features. After that, you can determine which style, color and fabric best suit your personality, occupation and lifestyle. And being a top class stylist, Nina Vidmar can show you how to overcome obstacles and learn the skills you need to develop to have a perfect wardrobe and be happy with your style.


Nina Vidmar is convinced that every individual can be look perfect every day, without too much effort and that it is possible to create a dynamic personal and business image without sacrificing or losing your personal style and comfort. In the end, the most important thing about style is that it your clothes don’t have to be branded or expensive. And with a help of a professional stylist you will find what suits you perfectly and feel great in it!





 Nina Vidmar Image Consulting






Nina Vidmar Image Consulting





Nina Vidmar Image Consulting





Nina Vidmar Jewellry



-- by Nina Vidmar --

photo: Vid Voršič  |  make-up: Neža Perger  |  model: Teja S.


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