Nina Vidmar Image Consulting provided gift vouchers for all of your friends, relatives and colleagues who may need to refresh their look or need a new start or transformation. Gift vouchers are a way to share love and show affection and the perfect way to give someone a moment to appreciate themselves.


You surely know someone who is taking care of everybody but themselves all the time. Someone who is so busy thinking about their career, family, friends, spouse and never take time to put themselves first. And that is what our service of gift vouchers is really about – giving someone time to focus on himself or herself, so they can be the best they can be. In this way, they will be more confident and sure that they look great and feel great too. Because you know that when somebody feels good, everyone else around that person will feel good. And with our vouchers, you can change somebody’s life by putting emphasis on their great look that will reflect somebody’s beautiful personality.


Gift vouchers are an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, as a reward or saying thanks. In fact, our vouchers can bring benefits to anyone who:


- needs (an overall) change in their appearance,
- would like to look and feel great every day,
- needs an image upgrade,
- needs an honest opinion on how they look,
- wears clothes that don’t fit their character,
- needs an advice on what to wear and how to look better,
- wears same clothes repeatedly,
- wears clothes that are outdated, out of trend or wrong size, 
- has no idea where to buy clothes because they have a particular style of clothing,
- gets nervous when it comes to shopping or don’t like shopping at all,
- is not able to see what suits them,
- has bad shopping habits,
- is confused by fashion and trends,
- has been on maternity leave,
- is just too busy to go shopping,
- needs someone who will choose all the best clothes for them without the unnecessary stress of shopping,
- hasn’t been shopping for a while,
- has wardrobe that is a total mess,
- always wear boring and dull clothes and don’t like to try out new things,   
- has closet full of things that they just don’t wear,
- may just want to change for the better.


The important thing to mention here is that we will document the whole process on the way and they will get all the documents that can serve them later so they can go through this and refresh their memory anytime. And that’s not all. After their image consulting service is finalized, they can call us or write to us anytime if they need any kind of additional advice.


If you are not sure what gift voucher to get, there are 5 different types of vouchers: style consulting, wardrobe assessment, personal shopping, business wardrobe, styling, so you can choose what is best for a person that is dear to you.


Style consulting gives us the understanding of what the client wants and what are their needs. It’s a consulting about the style they have and the one we think it would best reflect their personality. We will also give them insights on new trends and introduce them to the world of styling and they will receive a complete personalized feedback and notes of the overall counseling session, which can later be used as guidelines. Style consulting is great for business people who have hectic schedules but also for people who need help in deciding which style they want to portray.

Wardrobe assessment let us get insights to somebody’s wardrobe and their present style. It implies looking at current wardrobe and outfits and understanding body shape, taste, choices and their current image and which adjustments can be made. Wardrobe assessment can be quite challenging as they will see all the mistakes they’ve been making for some time. However, this is a fun experience and they will feel so much better after it! We will make their wardrobe a tidy and uncluttered place where they will always have everything under control and easily find what they want to wear.

Personal shopping teaches people how to choose clothes that will flatter their body shape and reflect their best characteristics. It includes fun and relaxed shopping and selecting individual items for their desired look. They will also learn that they don’t actually need a lot of clothes, only the basic pieces that they will learn how to combine in the best possible way.

Our advice is that it is best to incorporate all three parts of image consulting services together as this is the way person dear to you will get the best results. However, you can easily decide which one of these three parts of image consulting is the best for your friend, relative or colleague and they can do them separately.


The important thing that you need to know is that we never change anyone into someone they are not - we just want to make clothes speak about someone’s personality in the best possible way or make them look more professional. We are not here to sell clothes, convince anyone into buying, or to flatter someone, we are here to give honest advice what is best for someone’s body shape, lifestyle and overall impression they want to make. This means that we never make anyone wear clothes that we like; it’s about creating unique style in which someone can feel perfect. 

We are also specialized in creating business outfits and know exactly which type of clothes goes best with somebody’s role in terms of authority and approachability. And our services will help them understand what suits them best in terms of makeup, hairstyles and clothing, so they will look perfect no matter how casual or how formal situation is. Therefore the very mastery of image consultant is to bring someone’s characteristics to the front while making them look unique and sophisticated – and, trust us, there is no better gift you could possibly give to someone!

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