Visual image has an amazing power! There are numerous studies that show that our appearance is far more important than many people realize it. When we meet someone for the first time, a good appearance takes more than 70% of what people think of us.


And you might not even be aware of this, but your unconscious mind creates an opinion in mere seconds when you first see someone. So what do you think your personal appearance says about you? Do you have that desired business look; do you look self-confident, reliable and reputable?


What is the first impression you leave on people? 


Nina Vidmar Image Consulting has a team of experts that are specialized in business wardrobe assessment. We have the skills to create a complete business look that is perfectly suited to you and your needs. And the trick is to dress you appropriately for the job of your dreams (and not for the job you are doing today). All your new wardrobe and outfits will be in exact line with your expectations and in an ideal relation to what you want to present. We will make sure that all your clothes reflect your strengths and professionalism and tell people about your best qualities and show them who you really are.


Being in a business world, you know that the impression you leave often plays the key role in conducting your business. Weather this is just an interview, appearance on public television, meeting with an important client or even a date, all the things that you’re wearing (your makeup, dress, hair or jacket) are all equally important. The way we dress says who we are to the world. And if you look like you don’t care about your appearance, your surroundings may quickly identify you as incapable or not trustworthy.

So how do you want to be perceived?


Do you want to be the leader or the one who follows? Are you creative or repetitive? Are you accurate or careless? Passive or active? Every item that you have on has to say exactly who you are or what you want people to see. Employers also have to be aware of how important appearance of their employees is, because they represent and reflect the quality and vision of the company. And all of these characteristics are based on how you (and your employees) dress. And Nina Vidmar Image Consulting team is specialized in creating business look that indicates precision, efficiency and capability.

However, how you dress does not affect only people around you, it also affect you as a person. If you look good, your body language reflects this. Therefore, you feel and look more confident and thus you'll have more respect from colleagues and you’ll make stronger impression on clients and executives.


The whole point of Business Assessment is to create business look that will be good for you and your business. So if you have never considered business assessment, we will now show you that our services can especially bring you benefits if:

- you work in a serious company or run business but your outfits are not professional enough,  
- you feel that you don’t have anything to wear and it takes too long to find what you need in the morning, 
- you have a problem with combining clothes and accessories,
- you feel that you have a closet full of clothes but you still haven’t got enough choices,
- you think that your appearance is not sophisticated enough for your position at work,
- you do not have the time nor the will for long shopping sprees, 
- you think that you do not have a sense for fashion and you do not know what suits you, 
- you need to look more professional, elegant and sophisticated,
- you don’t know how to express personal style in your business look,
- you need help in creating outfits for your employees, 
- you want to put your business to a higher level, 
- you need to create a recognizable look or need help in creating a brand image,
- you need to create impeccable business look that will have a high impact on your surroundings.



If any of these issues sound familiar, Nina Vidmar Image Consulting will help you out. With our Business assessment services, you will:


- get style advices from experts who had numerous clients and lots of experience,
- get thoughtfully and fully customized wardrobe created to suite your profession along with your wishes and needs,
- get clothes that can be perfectly combined with your existing clothes,
- get the business look that will create more prospects than you have so far,
- get the perfect choice of matching colors and complementary accessories to brighten up your look,
- get customized styles, patterns and samples for your figure, that will create balance in your wardrobe,
- find out what are the key items of business outfits so you will be able to avoid mistakes in the future and buy only what is suitable for your profession,
- be able to easy and fast coordinate your clothes in the morning when you are in a hurry, 
- get an individual and yet professional look, 
- get all of the business assessment process documented, so you will be able to use useful tips in the future.


Business assessment service also has an option of total business assessment. This means that you don’t ever have to worry about your business look again. Nina Vidmar Image Consulting will do all the hard work for you and update your business wardrobe whenever you feel the need for it. We will take constant care of your entire wardrobe and all accessories including shoes, bags, makeup, etc. In this way, your wardrobe will be constantly up to date and you could offload unnecessary worries and stress of buying clothes and figuring out what to wear in the morning. Besides this, we specialize in doing business outfits and dress codes for companies.


Remember, dressing up for the office shouldn’t put additional stress to your workday. That’s why Nina Vidmar Image Consulting will assemble elegant looks for you, teach you how to look your best and take care of your appearance. As we are professionals ourselves, we know how important it is to look great so we just love taking care of business people and make sure that they and their employees look professional and reliable in every occasion.


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